Listed below are some of the most common questions.
If you have a question that can not be answered here please fell free to contact us.

Do the cabins have a bathroom? No, but centrally located within the camp is a modern bath house with toilets and private showers.

Can I cook in my cabinNo. Cooking is done in the central kitchen only. Fires, barbeques, or stoves are not permitted anywhere within the camp grounds, according to U. S. Forest Service regulations.

Is there phone service at the camp? Cell phone service is not currently available at the camp, but pay phones are located a short distance down the road at Plasse’s Resort, and in our own office for emergency use only.

What about WiFi? WiFi service is available in certain areas of the camp at no charge.

Can I bring my dog? Yes. Pets are allowed in camp, on leash only, and must be controlled at all times for the safety of other campers. A $50 refundable deposit per pet will be charged upon signing in. Proof of vaccinations must be presented at check-in, and violation means forfeiture of the deposit. Campers are expected to clean up after their pets.

What if I have dietary restrictions? Our kitchen staff is able to provide for special dietary restrictions if they are advised in advance (on reservation form).

Is there power in the cabins? There is one electrical outlet in each cabin, and one ceiling light. Heating appliances such as hair dryers can overload the generator and are not allowed to be used in cabins.

Do you provide child care? The camp does not provide child care; however, there are sometimes crew members or young campers who may, with private arrangement, be willing to take on the job.

How far is it to the lake? Silver Lake is an approximately one-half mile walk.

Is there fishing? Plenty, off the shore or rocks, by boat or with a boat rental from nearby Kit Carson Lodge. Campers need to bring their own equipment. We have a few fishing rods for check-out in the office.

Can we bring our bikes? Bikes, skateboards, motorbikes and the like may not be ridden in camp but may be used on roads and trails outside camp.

Can I bring a handgun? Forest Service regulations forbid firearms possession in any campgrounds, including ours.          

What time are meals? Breakfast, 8:00  Lunch, 12:00   Dinner, 6:00
On Sundays, the big meal is served at 1:00 and the lesser, more lunch-like meal is at 6:00. On any evening, people may order sack lunches for the next day, on a list posted by the kitchen. This provides for those who want to be gone all day hiking, going to the beach, or fishing.

Does the generator run for 24 hours? Ordinarily, the generator is turned off at 10:30 at night (11:30 on Saturday nights) and is turned on again about 5:30 a.m.

What happens if I have a breathing machine? Because the generator is off at night, those who need this equipment should provide their own battery-back-up power source, which can be recharged during the day.

Are high chairs available at mealtimes? There are a limited number of high chairs available free of charge in the lodge. If you have the type that hooks onto a table, you may prefer to bring it.

How much are canoes and kayaks? Our camp maintains several kayaks and canoes for campers’ use free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis. Life-vests and paddles are included.

What are the weekly variety shows like? These are put on by and for the campers themselves. They are informal, are family-oriented, and may include almost any talent or act campers wish to perform. Oftentimes, families or groups get together and perform skits. If you play an instrument, you may want to bring it along.

What activities are provided for children? During the day, Arts and Crafts is available most mornings, with an adult coordinator on hand. Short and long hikes are often lead by volunteer campers or a naturalist, if available. Almost-nightly campfires with sing-alongs and skits occur evenings at dusk. In the evenings there may be game nights, bingo nights, movie nights, lectures or slide shows in the lodge. Volleyball, tetherball,and horseshoes, are available, and there are books and games in the lodge.

What about parking? The camp parking lot accommodates one vehicle per cabin. An overflow parking lot is available for a second vehicle. No parking is allowed at cabins themselves, per Forestry regulations.

Are there laundry facilities? A washer and dryer are available afternoons for campers’ use, at no charge. Heavy items should be dried on our clotheslines, to protect the machines.

What about medical emergencies while at camp? First Aid personnel are available for bumps, scrapes, and to handle most emergency situations. In a more serious medical emergency, EMT’s are available from Kirkwood Resort.

Do you have a store for personal necessities?  Yes. Some snacks, sundries and campwear can be purchased at our small camp store.}

Is there a church nearby?  Yes, near the lake and walking distance from camp is the Silver Lake Chapel. Protestant services are at 10:00; Catholic services at noon, on Sundays.