SLCA Membership

Membership period: $20 Annually

This is for an annual membership to the Silver Lake Campers Association.
Membership renewals are valid through April 1st of every year.
Membership must be valid prior to March 1st to be allowed to vote or be elected to a board position.
Payments made after March 1st will be effective April 1st for the follwoing year.

SLCA Supporter

Membership period: $100 Annually

The SLCA Supporter level takes your commitment to Silver Lake Stockton Family Camp to the next level. As a Silver Lake Supporter, your $100 annual membership includes your $20 SLCA membership fee as well as and additional $80 donation to help support Silver Lake Stockton Family Camp. Silver Lake Supporters will be recognized at our Annual Fundraiser Dinner.

SLCA Life Member

Membership period: $1,000 One-time donation

As an SLCA Life Member, your support will allow campers and families to enjoy Silver Lake Stockton Family Camp for years to come. Your one-time donation of $1,000 makes you a permanent SLCA Member. You will also be recognized yearly at our Annual Fundraiser Dinner.