The following is an excerpt from an email received by James Nash and shared by permission.

My parents were Frank and Virginia Nash. Along with their Stockton Municipal Camp friends, they started the Silver Lake Campers Association in the 1950s. We used to have many meetings in our large rumpus room out back at our Bristol Avenue home in Stockton. My parents were the managers of the camp for five seasons in the 1950s and then again after they both retired (mom from the Stockton State Hospital as the Coordinator of Volunteer Services and my dad a Stockton Unified School District Principal) from 1978 to 1982 when they were both in their mid-sixties! My father died at age 95 in 2010 after he was retired for thirty-six years! He also was a principal for thirty-six years! My father lived long enough to see all four of his children retire! I retired from a thirty-six year teaching career six years ago. I am now sixty-seven years old.
The camp at Silver Lake is where my parents first met in 1936. Both of my parents were crew members then, and the managers of the camp were Bert and Stella Swenson! The City of Stockton named the Swenson Park and Golf Course after the Swensons. In 1936, men could stay for the entire camp season. The women on the crew could only stay three weeks. My mother asked Mrs. Swenson if she could stay another three weeks at the camp – and Mrs. Swenson agreed. The rest is history; my parents were married in 1939 and were married for sixty-four years until my mother passed away in 2004 at age 87. So that’s my Silver Lake History. We haven’t been to the camp for awhile – so I’d like to try to get some family members together and come up to the camp again. My childhood friend who lived around the corner from us is Dave Evans. Dave is the first cousin of Bob Bonfilio. As you probably know, Dave has been to the camp the past several years and is active in the Silver Lake Campers Association and has been a big help in the maintenance of the camp. Dave came up to the camp with me when my parents were the managers and we were both ten years old. I gave Dave an excellent photograph of my parents and Bert and Stella Swenson to hang up inside the camp lodge, and it is there now! My mother was the original camp fire leader! She was legendary in her time! Everyone always loved Virginia’s campfires! We all miss her! If you take a look at the album of pictures from past years at Silver Lake that is put out for people to look at during the SLCA dinners, you will see some photographs of my parents in the album.
Sincerely – Jim Nash 🙂

You may share the story of my parents and our family’s history at Silver Lake, if you like. Silver Lake still has such special meaning for all of the Nashes since my parents first met there. They spent their honeymoon in a cabin at Kit Carson Lodge at the north end of Silver Lake in July, 1939, and every year from then on ~ they would spend their anniversary at Silver Lake until 2003, the year before my mother passed.