Want to know how you can stay at camp for free?

It’s really easy. Volunteer to help open the camp up. Every year the camp staff organizes a work weekend to prepare the camp for the season. Lots of work needs to be done and we need your help to do it. Dont worry though, it’s not all work. We have a lot of fun too. Besides the free stay (we feed you also), you get the satisfaction of knowing you did something great to prepare camp for the many families that will be visiting it this summer.


Our first work weekend will be Saturday June 10th through Sunday June 11th. We will provide lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. You will receive a cabin to use for the weekend and meals in exchange for a few hours of physical labor on both days. All are welcome. Please keep in mind that this is a work weekend and we will be task oriented. Expect to get your hands dirty!
You are welcome to come up on Friday afternoon if you wish so you can get an early start, however, you will need to stop on the way and have dinner or bring something for yourself as we will not be preparing dinner on Friday night. If you have a few work tools please feel free to bring them.

Some items to consider:
Rakes and shovels
Leaf blower
Screw guns
Hand tools such as hammer and screw drivers
Grass trimmer
Chain saws


RSVP by replying back to this email or calling our office at 209-227-0082. It is important that we know you are coming so we can better prepare our agenda and provide food and drinks for everyone. If you have never heard of camp or have not been there you can find more information by visiting our website www.StocktonFamilyCamp.org