Just wanted to say how happy I am that the Stockton Family Camp is up and running again.  My first trip to the camp was in 1944, and we (Mom, 2 sisters and I) went almost every year since that time.  I even took my kids there as they were growing up.  I’m including 2 pictures taken at Silver Lake during that first trip in 1944. 
I was also issued a “Silver Lake Campers Assoc.” Lifetime membership in 1979.  Do you know if it’s still valid?  Thanks again for bringing my beloved Stockton Family Camp back to life.
P.S.  The three little girls you see in the boat picture are now 70, 71 and 72 yrs. of age. 
Silver Lake - 1944 Carol,Mom, Barbara & SharonMom,Dad & Girls at Silver Lake V7 1944