Dear Ms. Waugh,

Thank you for the brochure and the information about the SLCA. I enclose a check for membership.

When I think of the stalwarts of my parents’ generation, the first name that comes to mind is Dr. Henry Rixford. He was always at camp and was an eager hiker and climber. Dr. Rixford and my father went up Round Top, up Thunder Mountain, and explored Summit City Canyon a number of times. I can recall that after one of these excursions, which lasted until evening, Dr. Rixford announced that he was going to get some “heavy rest”.

In the nature cabin, which was something of a rabbit’s warren, there was a wonderful three dimensional plaster model of the area; I hope it is still there.

Now it remains for me to figure out just where Harry Snook led us when he took his annual hike to “sherbet meadows”. We trudged up the north side of Squaw Ridge, and some little time before connecting with the southern outlier of Thunder Mountain (today’s Melissa Coray Peak), to our left, that is, in the direction of Silver Lake, there was a small area where the snow had not melted by mid-July. Mr. Snook brought along syrup and cups for us to make sno-cones. Very refreshing and a good preparation for the dusty trail back.

Thank you for speaking with me the other day at such great length. I doubt that I shall ever spend much time in Stockton again, but I have a visceral affection for my home town, for the golden foothills, and the little nooks and crannies on the back roads up through the hills to the Sierras.

Again, with my very best wishes,

Rudi Linder